Add this forum to the Cortex mobile app (closed in-app browser) + preset comment section

Would be cool to have the forum directly on the Cortex app, along with a better preset rating system.

I’m not a dev, but I know from other projects I’ve been involved that it is fairly trivial to do. It is basically an in-app browser with a locked URL and auto-login.

Unite the entire community under one mobile umbrella. We could discuss topics on the fly.

Also, would be nice to have a comment section under each preset in the app. The creator could discuss/answer questions. This would do wonders for community engagement, share ideas, improvements, share resources (captures) etc. - folk would for sure start following each other more actively, self organising into music genres, gear, etc. This would be a bit more work I guess… Posting, up/downvote comment, auto-mod, tag member, and report-to-admin function? Did I miss something?

Let’s say I need help to achieve X tone, or replicate a specific song, or anything… that would be a great place to do so. Duplicating that effort on the forum would just be a waste of real estate IMHO, and breaks the flow of using the app