Options to communicate with other cortex users on app

I would love an option to communicate with other users that share captures, a possibility could be restricted to “friends” meaning People that follow eachothers. The platform could be messages landing on mail/ maybe quad cortex inbox, that user… Want to get in contact. I would prefer it to happend on Cortex app. Same goes with notification that new members have followed you (like on instagram)

Great idea, I’d also add being able to add comments on captures/presets would be a great feature too


Yes! To all the above!

I agree with this. I found a great capture of an amp I love, but was looking to get a capture with different settings, but had no way to get in contact with the user supplying the capture.

I think we should be able to both comment against each capture, and direct message other app users. It’s not going to be such a huge user base that it would become unmanageable.

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