"What you hear" (Physical OUT1/2) Mapping via USB

The addition to the new USB driver to expose all USB channels via WDM is fantastic and solves a lot of use cases (like mapping the QC into discord/zoom/meet) but an additional enhancement would greatly help out in certain scenarios.

Currently there is no way to get a true “what you hear” feed off the QC when using it as your primary audio interface.

By which I mean, when the QC is your primary interface, and your DAW is sending to it (via USB IN1/2 - I believe?) which gets sent to physical OUT1/2 (typically to monitors). Can we get a “tap” or a loopback off that “main” output to show up in Windows/MacOs as an input stream? Basically everything you “hear” in your monitors via the QC (DAW, System audio, Grid, etc.) as a single stereo output (input technically on the OS side).

Depending on USB bandwidth, maybe this can be a selectable loopback control off the I/O screen to allow OUT1/2 (physical) to loopback to USB5/6 or 7/8 and basically “takeover” whatever pair you assign it to - this way it’s still 8x8 via USB, no more bandwidth, it’s just that the “source” of those channels is changed, it’s not grid assignable anymore, it becomes a tap off the main outs.

This way, if you use that input to streaming/video conferencing software, what you “hear” is exactly in sync, and you know it’s exactly what the audience is hearing as well. The sync issue really is the biggest problem this solves. In my own experience, if you’re pulling in multiple sources - DAW, QC, and System Audio (say recording a cover of a song you’re playing along with from Spotify) and merging all of those outputs into OBS or XSplit, or whatever it will sound fine and in sync to YOU via monitoring, but each of those paths will be out of sync and even “drift” over time to the recording/streaming software.

I would 100% love this and it would let me ditch my current interface entirely

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