Add a "compare" button when editing a block

This request is for something similar to Logic Pro’s “compare” button on plugins, except for editing blocks.

In a nutshell, it would be a toggle button which appears when editing a block, which would undo/redo all edits you’ve made since you started editing the block. Use cases include:

  1. Quickly A/B how your edits sound compared to the un-edited sound.
  2. Bail out of your edits by hitting compare to undo your edits and then pressing done.
  3. Start over editing by hitting compare to undo your edits and then trying something else.

You know there is an undo/redo button that will undo and or redo back to your last saved state? Even if you change presets etc., the undo and redo are still available etc.

The benefit of a compare button would be that you can compare over many changes. So for example you change the gain of your amp and a drive pedal, add some eq and work on the cab section you could directly compare that to the initial preset state without clicking undo for 10 times.

This. Undo/redo are nice, but once you’ve used Logic’s “compare” toggle, you reach for it instinctively. It creates a really nice, compact workflow.

Yep this would be great - I often make changes and as I go feel like they are making an improvement however I think you sort of lose sight of it a few changes in. Be nice to be able to compare more than 1 change.