Allow Undo/Redo Changes with Open Device Window

When a device window is open, you have to tap twice to make an undo/redo (once to close the device option window and once to actually undo/redo) and you cannot see the changes you’re making to the device, etc. It would be really nice if undo/redo changes could be made while the device option window is still shown.

Totally agree - I’ve posted here about this.

Please see this thread, there’s more discussion about this.

In particular IMHO the QC is trying to be too clever if it’s trying to work out whether you want to return to the point at which you paused changing the parameter rather than just return it to where it started; the Helix system works better here, because to restore each parameter to the start point you press in the specific knob that you were using to change that parameter, rather than have a ‘global’ undo function.

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Oh man, this drives me nuts! Nothing worse than leaving the edit window only to guess how many times you need to press undo because you can’t see what’s changing. Also, the QC has a very short window of what they consider an “edit.” So if you overshoot you number, and then have to roll it back quick, that always counts as multiple edits for me. It would be a massive gamechanger if I could see the parameters undo the sevens in real time


I completely forget the undo button exists but definitely this should be addressed

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Bumping this, since I still think that making undos without leaving the device window is a necessity for tone dialing!

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+1, that blind undo/redo is absolutely unusable

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Bumping this. Also now the volume block seems to randomly go to zero when I use the undo/redo function sometimes with the newest firmware. The undo/redo closing the window you have open is so dumb. Literally have to guess if I’m back at the right setting when tweaking stuff.

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Yep, it’s either a conscious decision to implement this function this way, with the most bizarre logic behind that decision, or it’s an oversight. Either way it really needs addressing. I’m on a bit of a roll today, and have made a few posts, as I’ve spent much more time playing with the QC since the CC app came out. Sadly the more I play with the QC the more I’m torn between enjoying the sound experience and hating the UI experience, which at times makes the unit borderline unusable. As always with a UI gripe though the positive is that it only takes a firmware to fix it, so it’s down to us I guess to make Neural aware of how much of an issue this is