The Quad Cortex makes it sooo easy to create the perfect tone

I was just having a play this morning and wanted a Gary Moore tone to play Still Got the Blues.

5 minutes later - voila!


Very nice! You deffinetly nailed G.M’s tone.

I agree, that QC’s great UI makes programming super-fast and easy. It makes the whole process far less tedious and way more fun!

Fine work, jallawalla!

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Thank you!

It’s also worth pointing out that the QC makes it so easy to record.

I had the backing track on my looper pedal going into return 1 and 2 in stereo and then USB out to my ipad to record the whole thing.

It just makes it straightforward to make music.

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Nice playing there! I always appreciate your videos. God bless!

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I have a dedicated ProTools rig so I haven’t tried using the QC as an interface. I’m glad to hear that it does that well too.