A few more looper features

I’ve been playing around with the looper recently and was realised a few fun functions i miss from the DL4.

The first is something i imagine wouldn’t be too hard to implement. The ability to retrigger one shots, basically just restarting the loop every time the one shot footswitch is pressed instead of letting it play the whole way through.

The second is a mix of the DL4 and DD6, the ability to record when the footswitch is pressed and then to play on its release, giving the player the option to create a sort of controlled micro loop or stutter effects when wanted.

And of course a volume control wouldn’t go a miss either :wink:

Finally, I just want to say thank you to the community and everyone at Neural for trying to make a great product the best it can be, I hope everyone has a great new year and i look forward to seeing what comes next.

Cheers guys

I suggest that you turn this into a Feature Request, so that people (yourself included) could vote on it.

It was supposed to be… it’s one of those days.

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