70s Sound Classic Rock

I love the new Tone King - finally. With that in mind - and now you understand you have a lot of heavy metal but very little classic - how about developing another amp that simulates an overall 70s sound that we find on records. You would need to use dual tape machines for analog and study the sound - not the heavy metal one - but the rock sound that ranged from Led Zep - Mott the Hoople - Mick Ronson on Ziggy - Queen - Roxy Music - Eno - AC/DC - The Who - Stones - Aerosmith -Clash-Petty- ZZ and the heavy rock sounds like Deep Purple - etc -not today’s heavy metal but old school. You’re looking to nail Marshalls and Fenders and Mesa Boogie etc using Gibsons and Fenders. Maybe something we can even run a drum track through or bass. There is still a market for it and younger folks are getting into it now.