Zappa Yo Mama Tone anyone?

So if anybody is up for a challenge. This is the Shut up n play yer Guitar Dynaflanger in action:

It seems that Zappa was using the Dynflanger on the whole album.
Maybe Xushs Preset could be used as a starting point to get to this tone. All I can say right now is that this tone has more gain, maybe a cocked wah and more (dynamic) flanging going on.

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I’ll try that today with those tweaks in mind.

My research showed he tended to use the DF in the setting that applied it to the decay of the high frequencies, so I set the low-pass EQ of the effect to to filter out the lows. There is also an EQ block in front of the block that can filter it more. I also ran it on a parallel split so that you can still have a thicker main tone underneath

Ok, I tried a Version II; inserted the feedbacker on row 4 and stacked more mods (flange/phase). From what I’ve read, he was feeding one DF into another DF unit then compressing, so I tried to do that based on what I could deduce. Gain or grit can be increased by turning on the Bat pedal. (that’s Scene A; it goes off the rails from then on…)

There’s plenty of room to experiment with levels and the order of blocks. I tried to build what I could of the Dynaflange element (feeding off the high freq decay) with what we have on the QC. If I think of any other approaches to attempt I’ll edit as we go.

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There seems to be a problem with the Cortex Cloud, Preset can not be downloaded in the moment. I will try again later. Anyway MUCHAS GRACIAS!!! :grinning:

Works good for me, great job on the preset!

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Yes, Version 2 is great. The only thing which maybe could be improved is that it would be nice if the feedback would fade in a little bit slower. Otherwise I can only say. Great Job. I didn’t expect this to happen. Now I can sleep better and sell all my Zappa Pedals… :sweat_smile:

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that’s all up to your foot, man! heh- kidding.
I think I was experimenting to get that taper/fade-in smoother and forgot to finish. There are several XP assignments involved but maybe it should be on its own split lane and not inline like it is now. Let me have a think. I’ve got an idea ( I got distracted yesterday trying to make a MORPH and a reverb sweep preset too)

OK, I think I’ve got something here.

I put the FB chain on a splitter controlled by the XP. The XP also now closes the Flange components while feedbacking (if this is not desired, delete the XP assignment to Level to B param of Split Lane 2 and the flange will get applied to the feedback split also)

Smoothed out the FB fade-in by adding gain block w/ XP level control, feels much smoother now. Left 3 scenes blank for ‘experimentation.’

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Wow, I will check it out. This sounds promising.

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Great Feedback. Now we are talking :grinning:

Just saw this posted on TGP: Frank Zappa | The Gear Page