XLR vs TRS output

I am building a new board with some side patch bays and will probably have 4 output bays (2 TRS and 2 XLR). I am just curious was the difference is. Is an XLR cable just a TRS cable with a different connector?

What is the difference between running XLR out, or TRS out that goes into an XLR adaptor?

Both are balanced connections and are basically the same as far as signal flow goes. The main difference comes in to play when using phantom power on a mic input. XLR keeps it’s pins isolated from each other and TRS will short the ring and the sleeve as it’s plugged in. There’s no difference as far as outputs go.

Yes. Both are balanced cables but with different connectors.

Just the connector. I always prefer to use a XLR connection if possible because XLR is less likely to interference. Also it locks in stronger then a TRS cable but is generally speaking a little more expensive.

I’ve seen many posts stating that the output of the 1/4" outputs is stronger/hotter/higher than the XLR outputs.

The manual states that 1/4" TRS cables can give a 6dB boost vs XLR, if the inputs on the receiving gear are also balanced

I always prefer XLR to trs because XLR is locked in place. There is no tripping over a cable and accidentally pulling the plug.