Windows Cali toggle switches not working

Hi, I’m new to NDSP and currently evaluating your products.

The amp toggle switches THUMP, HAIR, VIOLENCE, BRIGHT on the Windows version of Cali do not respond to mouse clicks, while the POWER, STANDBY and PULL SAT behave as expected.

Is this normal for Cali or is this a bug?

I’m impressed with the Wong product and looking for something to round it out on the higher gain end of the spectrum. Cali may fit the bill if the toggles would function and allow more flexibility.

Thanks in advance for your reply.

Hi @MWS. The switches on the Cali work by drag-and-drop. You need to hold the mouse button after clicking to move them.

Thanks for the quick reply.

While not consistent with the rest of the products, it works and is probably the best way to handle three position switches. LOL, I did try moving while click-hold but not far enough move…

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