Fortin Cali 3 way switches

Is there any chance we can get a toggle or dropdown to make these switches operate intuitively? I realize the amp it’s based on has it wired this way, but I don’t own that amp, so having the switch directions mean different things for different switches means I need to have the Cali marketing materials up while I’m in my DAW to remember what “left” means for the switch I’m toggling.

I would definitely read the information provided from NDSP on switch positions and what each features does: Fortin Cali Suite - Neural DSP

Otherwise, there are likely no plans to change the plugin as it matches the actual amp design.

Thanks for the response. Which order does the bright switch follow? That’s the only 3 way that’s not documented. Also, I assume left “violence” is off and right is on?

I get that’s how the amp was built, but most of us don’t have that context, so it ends up being just a weird QOL inconvenience that gets in the way. I’d be really surprised if most users would prioritize faithfulness to this behavior versus removing the need to refer to a manual to remember what left/right/middle means for each switch.

Understood. There is a bit more detail on the bright switch and other front switches on the actual amps manual:

Hopefully that will get you the details you are inquiring about. Worst case, shoot NDSP an email and they should be able to give you any remaining details you are looking for if needed.

Cool, thanks, I’ll shoot them an email and see if I can get more info about how this works. For example, while I appreciate the manual you linked, it doesn’t say what each of the three bright switch positions do, just that they’re different somehow and that the middle position is no bright cap.

Sounds good, feel free to update here if you gain more details. I unfortunately don’t have the Fortin plugin (or the amp) so not sure. Read Fortin’s manual and it doesn’t really tell you much more either.