Why is it that Neural hates "extra" parameters?

I can’t for the life of me understand why Neural constantly leaves out parameters that are in every other modeler and device. In the latest update there was some new compressor that cannot adjust compression amount. IR:s without mix/blend knob. What’s the point? Users end up doing silly workarounds when they could just implement basic things by default, like everyone else. Neural seems to ignore basic functionality in the name of “simplicity” and “not being over complicated”. And some agree with this approach saying they don’t want Quad Cortex to be overcomplicated like Fractal. But there is a long way from a compressor without compression adjustments or IR loader without blend parameter to being “overcomplicated”. And what’s frustrating is that often the “workaround” is using parallel paths, which Quad cortex can barely do at all. Sacrificing one out of 4 rows for “parallel processing” when it should be done with a mix knob in a block is the opposite of ease and simplicity.

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if you’re talking about the ‘Chief CS3’ comp-sustainer we got a while back, it’s an exact model of the original physical Boss pedal. It’s controls are cloned 1:1. Level/Tone/Attack/Sustain

You’d have to ask Boss why it’s built that way


Sustain is compression amount. Different compressors label it differently. Another common way is “Input” where the compression is controlled by how hard you drive into the unit.


You’ve really got a bug about the IR loader having a blend, huh?

It is common in stomp style compressors to combine parameters, for example, ratio and threshold into one control. As already noted, I would expect to see this emulated in the QC blocks that model compressors with these sort of “collapsed” controls. That way they operate in a more authentic manner, closer to the original. It’s a good thing.

Intuitive ease of use and avoiding option paralysis while still providing sufficient flexibility and control is important. Can’t dispute that.


It would also like a blend or mix control on the IR. It’s especially useful for acoustic body image IRs.

And a mix control on the Leslie would also be great to avoid having to use separate paths to blend the Leslie with the guitar speaker, as is generally the case in practice.


I think it has more to do with small functionality deficiencies when you compare it to other modelers. The implementation of phase correction/adjustment would be excellent and bring it more in line with the functionality of other modelers. It’s a small thing, but incredibly useful and time-saving.