When running QC into a power amp, where should the volume be set at on the QC volume wheel?

So I’m running the QC into a Powerstage 170 into my 4x12 cab. Would it be best to max the volume on the QC, then just adjust the volume as needed on the Powerstage? Or should I do it another way? Just curious how others approach this?

I’ve not seen an official response from NeuralDSP regarding this (maybe i missed it) however many Users say to “dime” it (set it at its maximum)… Personally that doesn’t provide any headroom when playing live so i prefer to dime my monitor or amp and adjust your QC level accordingly… FWIW, the QC seems to have much lower output than any other modeler that i’ve used so the level dial is always quite high anyway…

For live playing, It’s important to ensure that your outputs aren’t clipping and check the level that is hitting the mixer input if you’re sending direct to the desk. I always give the Mix Engineer my hottest preset, usually my Lead sound and allow him to set his gain… he/she will always let me know if they need more or less and then i adjust my monitor level or have the Monitor Tech send me more…

I am running the volume maxed for live use. I assume that is the best signal/noise ratio and there is no chance that the volume can increase by an accidental touch of the knob. But I have no idea if that is the best configuration.

The QC output seems really low to me also, so I’m diming it for recording. I’m not sure what I’m going to do live yet.

Agreed - volume output seems really low compared to other modelers.