What does getting 3 activations mean?


So when we buy a plugin we get 1 code with 3 activations. What does this mean? What happens if I get a new laptop or change the disk in it? Or does it mean that I can only use it only on the same computer, and not on my other computers? Not asking for using simultaneously, but can’t I switch the activation between my computers?

Thank you.

afaik, it means you can authorise and use it on 3 computers at the same time! which is pretty great.

if you get a new computer or something like that, before you abandon the old computer, you move the license back to the ilok cloud and then you have again 3/3 availlable licenses


So the 3 refers to simultaneous activations, but I can choose anytime what those 3 computers are?

Yes, with the caveat that you must manage them on iLok.

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