Wah engaged help!

Wah engaged help!

I have a mission Misha Mansoor expression pedal that I want to assign to my QC as a wah (like I did with my axe fx3), but I can’t find out how I can use the on/off switch engage to active/bypass the wah feature.

Do I need a Y cable?


As of right now, I don’t think there is a way to do it. Maybe if you use both expression inputs?

I use one of the Hotone Soul Press pedals. When in expression mode, and I use the hotone’s switch, the setting that gets sent to the QT is heel down. Which I have automatically set to bypass the wah effect after a half second.

Yeah i use a Mission Aero and just use auto engage to turn wah on/off… you’ll need a stereo (trs jack) cable for it to work.

Thanks, and this is how I’m doing right now. but still looking for solution to activate with the on/off switch.