Using QC with Axe FX III in 4CM

Hi all,

I know this is a boujie question but has anyone tried using the Axe FX III in 4cm with their Quad Cortex? By that I mean using the Axe for effects and the QC for amp/cab?

I tried to do a pre-post and ran into some major clipping issues on the Axe.

I am not thrilled by the effects on the QC so I was wanting to use some external effects and I already own the III.


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Luxury! Have you tried running the AF3 into the loop on the QC or are you running them in serial?

I have done this as well as using the hx stomp xl. I think the stomp got better results. Although it has less effects than the AF3. The biggest issue I usually find with the AF is doesn’t always work great with other devices. On its own it is great.

I’m running 2 loops. One in loop 1 for pre-amp effects and one in loop 2 for effects loop effects like delay and reverb.

I’m wondering if based on what brucegregori said that the Axe just doesn’t play well and maybe I will run some Strymons in the loops to get the effects I want.

I’m sure you could do it. This sounds maybe “odd” but reach out to cliff - he owns a QC. Maybe he can help. I really get good results with the Hx xl. But the two architectures are similar.

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