Using multiple archetypes together in FL studio

I have both the nolly and the gojira archetypes, and wanted to know if its possible to mix and match from two archetypes at once while recording. Like I want to use an amp from one and effects from another together. Is this possible?

Yes. Just load both plugins on your channel of choice. Then, turn off the blocks that you don’t want to use in each plugin. The signal will pass from one plugin to the next. And remember, you can easily turn blocks on and off by double-clicking the block icons at the top of the interface.

So I’m using FL studio so I would have to load both into the same channel instead of one for each. I think I need to change where the plug ins are located at in fl studio.

Yes. Load both plugins into the same channel/track. Make sure to load them in the proper signal-flow order. EX: if you use the amp from one plugin, but the drive or boost pedal from the other plugin, put the plugin containing the drive pedal first.