Using a UA OX for Capturing an Amp

I’ve made some very accurate captures of some of my favorite pedals. Very happy with the results. Now I’m ready to go to work on my amps.

I’ve got a UA OX. I read this, regarding the use of a Load Box or DI:

“If you have an amplifier that has a D.I. Out, you can opt to use that instead of a microphone for capturing the amplifier without the cabinet. Connecting the speaker output from a tube amplifier to the Quad Cortex could damage both units. Ensure you are using a D.I. Out and your amplifier is still connected to a cabinet or reactive load box.”

So I get that the guitar goes into Return 1 and my headphones to that jack…but from there I have two questions:

Does Capture Out connect to the amp’s input (I’d think so but want to be sure).

Where on the OX does the QC Input 1 cable plug into?

Def don’t want anything blowing up on me.

You will want to go from Capture out to the amps input. Then from the amp speaker output to the Ox. Then from the line output of the Ox to input 1 of the QC

Thanks, John. Would that be the “1/L” on the “Line/Mon Out” ?

I would say just the mono line output

Thought so. Thanks, again. Looking forward to this

I have this exact setup and use the ox box with my captures.

Yes, run your amp into the ox box just like you would if the QC was not utilized. You can use either one of the Ox line outputs (1/L or 2/R) as long as you configure the ox appropriately in the desktop software, where you can set and pan the outputs to be direct (no cab model, amp only), or include a cab model from the ox.

I typical set one of the ox outputs to direct (no cab) and record my captures as the amp head only so I have the flexibility to use different QC cabs.

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I’m going to start with just the amps at different settings. Bright switch engaged or not. Scooped or mids. The OX has great software but so does the QC. Will check out combo captures in the future.


Running into some problems if anyone gets a moment.

(Please understand that, although I’m tech savvy, it doesn’t always transfer to the areas of modeling, and recording)

Got the OX set up as usual. FROM AMPLIFIER to the SPEAKER OUT of the amp head. SPEAKER goes to the physical cab.

I couldn’t find how to set the OX up as a DI to bypass the cabs etc. So I was going to set up one of my fave presets but am not sure about what “panned left” means (for mono) Does it mean to set all the mics up panned left?

But even experimenting with that, I’m still not getting a signal from Input 1 on the QC.

QC is set up as:

Ret 1 to the guitar
Headphones in Headphone Jack
Capture Out to the Input of the amp head (is this where I’m blowing it?)
Input 1 to the “L” side of the OX Line out.

Volume on the amp and OX speaker/headphones is up but I’m still not getting an input signal into the QC.

Not freaking but gotta admit I’m a little over my head at this point. Thanks in advance.

are you on “mic” or “instrument” setting on the I/O menu for Input 1 of QC?

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Switch it? :face_with_monocle:

No, that’s right if you’re using the 1/4" cable. Might not hurt to toggle it just in case, but INST should be correct

I’ll have to experiment some more. Thanks.

Is your Ox line out volume (knob) turned up. Mine was set in the middle when I did several captures.

In the Ox app, do you see the output meters moving when you play?

If you want DI out of the Ox (no cab) change the mics to “Direct”. I then pan all the active mics to 100% left and use Output 1. Really you only need one mic set to Direct and panned, as long as the other mics and effects are either off or panned right.

Yes. Volume is up.

Thanks for the info. I’ll give it a look when I get home. :clinking_glasses: