Capturing tube amp with QC and Universal Audio OX

I’m hoping someone is familiar with the UA OX and can help me capture my Marshall 2204 amp head. I was able to create a capture using the OX, a mic and speaker cab but would like to try and capture the amp only while using the OX as a load box, I think.

  1. I’m using the “To Speaker” output of the OX and connecting it to a 4x12 cab (using a speaker cable). Since I don’t want to capture the cab, would I disconnect this?

  2. The output of my amp is connected to the “From Amplifier” input on the OX.

  3. How do I connect to the QC and what type of cable would I use in order to capture my amp head? I’m sure I still need to use the OX as a load box but am still unsure how to connect it to the QX.

Thanks in advance for the info!

@MisterScary - If you don’t hear back from any community members, our staff will be able to assist you.

Please email

Thank you so much for your response. I’ll wait a couple of days and if no community members respond, I’ll be sure to email support.

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