Upload all New Captures

Would love to be able to upload all new Captures generated on the device since the last update. Have been going through and creating ones from most of my equipment and already have lots of the blocks filled up. I imagine the process will come down to uploading everything and then downloading them as needed (which is already a bit of a pain compared to being able to store them all locally and search) but uploading each capture individually is a pain and likely to cause some to be missed. An option to upload all of the captures that have been created but not backed up yet would be very helpful as well as better organization online. I understand that maybe folders won’t work on the device itself but should absolutely be added online to keep the captures organized.

I think that would be very helpful indeed, of course there should be an option for that, because not everyone prefers an automatic upload. When you’re still tweaking the capture or preset it’s not recommended, so I think an option like ‘ready for upload’ or something like that, would also be preferable.