QC custom file management

give me a dedicated downloads folder, then let me decide where i want to put the downloads. if i have so many capture slots, let me allocate them how i want them, 50 in one folder of pedals, 20 in another folder for preamps. let me rearrange the captures across folders as i need to. let me customize where i see folder management and where i see the folder contents, i can’t see through my right hand and searching unlabeled banks for contents looks like someone frantically swatting at flies. let me make a folder full of shortcuts (links) to captures on my box, like a playlist, where i can consolidate certain captures in one spot without having to duplicate them. let me share that folder of shortcuts with others as its own entity, where they can grab the whole folder of shortcuts at once, and it will grab the source files from their locations as needed.

Many great ideas