Two noob questions

Apologies, but I cannot find the answers anywhere (if there is a great resource to help on these matters, please point me there - appreciated)

  1. I bought the Nolly archetype - how do I get that on to my Quad Cortex? The only advice I’ve seen is about putting it on a DAW - I don’t have a DAW, I’m just a simple gigging guitarist, and want those sounds on my QC.

  2. I have managed to download some presets off the cloud - some work, but some are totally silent. What am I not doing for the silent ones? What should I do?

thank you all

Again - if there is anywhere to read all the answers, please point me there.

You cannot put the Nolly on your qc; this will be possible in the future but is not implemented yet.
Currently, you can either create captures of the tones you like yourself or search the cortex cloud for captures of other users.

Regarding silent captures, I didn’t have any capture that produced no tone. Of course if the creator of the capture made mistakes in the capturing process the capture could be broken but most should produce a tone.
Make sure that the volume in the capture is turned up and your routing is correct for your setup.

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Thank you for replying. I sincerely hope you are wrong as I set a direct email to Neural prior to buying it asking if I could use it on my QC.

On the second point, some were Martin Millers, so I assume he knows what he’s doing.

It’s very interesting. And you got the answer that you can Nolly download to qc?

Is there another way (like another forum for troubleshooting) of finding out why my Martin Miller presets are silent ?

I mean, it is lovely that people are trying to help, and I really do appreciate it, but I feel like i am just asking other customers who have been using the QC longer. Is there anything official?

P.s. how can I create captures of the tones please ?

Best way is to send an email to They are very responsive and know the unit the best. If you think it helps include a video or photos of your setup or the routing you have in the qc.

Neural Dsp respond to some topics in this forum but it’s mostly consumer-based. The support email is the official way and they normally answer within a day.

As far as I know the only way would be to use an audio interface for your pc. Then you could use the interface input like an amp input and the interface output like the output of a load box or microphone.
I don’t think you can (currently) run the capture process via usb.

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Thank you. I have sent an email to that address.

Sounds like i have to buy a lot of equipment to be able to use my Nolly archetype and even then maybe have to create something in that ( its probably obvious that I am a luddite in all this) before I can use it for playing live .

You’ve been very helpful- thank you.

Sounds like the routing for the preset doesn’t match your workflow. Check the input and output settings.

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You can use presets on the Quad Cortex currently, only if you capture them. There is no native support for plugins just yet, but it has been promised since the start and continues to be a promise from NDSP.

Also, the reason some of your presets are silent is because the row outputs are incorrect. Set your audio routing to all outputs to get the presets working (that’s the easiest way).

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Thank you - I don’t know what a 'workflow ’ even is, so that gives me something to start to explore. (Any ideas where I start would be appreciated)

I don’t quite know what your last sentence means. (Total newbie, here) I plug my guitar into the qc and it goes direct to active PA speaker.

Beggars, you legend!! It works, thank you. I could kiss you.

I hope this thread topic helps any other total beginners as much as it did me.

Now I’ve done what Beggars said, your second sentence makes more sense. Thank you for your help. I can now hear the presets. :kissing_heart:

Glad we could help you!
A good starting point would be the user manual: Quad Cortex User Manual
Read through that carefully and you will know how to operate the qc. Best is to try everything out on the qc when reading so you get some hands on experience.

There are also tutorials on YouTube. I didn’t watch any of those so I couldn’t recommend a specific one.