Plans for Apple Silicon support?

I wonder if Neural DSP is planning to release Apple Silicon compatible versions of their software (and the Quad Cortex driver) as soon as the first Macs with the new CPUs hit the market or if we will have to wait a couple of months (or even years?) before we are safe to buy one of these machines.


I hope so. I have to buy one

Me too. It‘s a tough decision.

2020 iMac
pros: no compatibility problems for at least the next 2 years, upgradable RAM
cons: probably already obsolete in 2-3 years (low resale value in that case)

Apple Silicon Mac
pros: future proof, presumably new design, energy efficiency
cons: compatibility problems in the near future, probably some „1st generation“ hardware issues

I’m SUPER curious about this as well. I know it’s a big ask for the team as they’re already so busy, and I don’t expect day-one availability at all. But Neural Plugins are the only non-stock plugins I use along with Presonus Studio One (which I hope makes a version as well), so I’m super curious about these developments. Might be the first time I’ve turned back to Mac in a long time if all of this is possible.

I bought recently (right before they announced switching to arm) maxed out 16" MBP, and my hope is that the resale value will not go as low as it will be still best mac that runs native windows. Might be useful for some professionals.

Before we all get our panties in a twist someone has to test the Neural stuff using Rosetta 2. If that works it will give the Neural team some breathing space to get native support working.

In any case, if I were you I would not get an Apple Silicone just yet. I had the first two iPads and the difference was day and night from gen1 to gen 2 so I’m expecting second generation Apple silicone computers to be released in one to two years and be a very significant improvement over current gen.

Our plugins work fine with Rosetta 2 in what we could test (DAW compatibility with Rosetta 2 did not allow us to test everything)

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