Tone King MIDI implementation for Termolo on/off and tuner on (w/ mute) and off

I am running the Tone King pluging v1.0.1, standalone, on a Mac ProBook 15" running v10.15.7. I have a Digitech PMC10 as my MIDI foot controller and an AXE I/O as my audio interface. I"m able to do common control change actions: turn effects on/off, channel switching, etc. What I"m not able to do is to turn the tremolo on/off. The MIDI implementation for the tremolo appears only to be rate and depth. I want to enable it - and disable it using a MIDI CC event. How can I do that?
I also want to bring up the tuner using a MIDI CC event. With mute if possible…but would be happy to just bring it up, tune, and disable to the tuner. Can I do that?

If your MIDI controller can do it, send CC with min and max values for the tremolo depth control in order to turn it on and off.

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Yes, that is a workaround (for the trem). And without a footswitch, that is how the physical amp operates. But, a footswitch is included so you don’t have to do that. And this is virtual, it’s all software controlled, The other button on the footswitch - the channel switching - is supported in MIDI.
Since this is a v1.0.1…personally… I think they forgot to implement it.
Am I supposed to burn two continuous controllers to get variable rate and depth? It would be best to set up different presets with the trem parameters you wanted, and toggle it on and off. Or I’d have to set up different buttons on my MIDI controller for different rates and depths.
Also, a MIDI function to bring up the tuner with a mute should be a must-have.
Thank you for your response.