Tone King Imperial MKII - Only Mono Output Issue

Hi. I want to use Tone King plugin in Logic Pro X (this problem below occurs only when I use Tone King as plug-in. Not in stand-alone app).

Apple Mac Studio 2022 M1 Max, 32Gb ram, MacOS Ventura 13.1
Universal Audio Volt 2
Logic Pro X (latest version)

What I did:
Open a new project,
set Volt 2 as USB audio device
create new track with Input mono (Input 1) and output stere (Output 1+2)

So, for what reason Tone King is ONLY MONO???
All my plugin is “Mono->Stereo” , but Tone King is only “Mono”.

I have tried with plugin Soldano, Mesa Mark IIC+ Suite, and they allow me to select “Mono->Stereo”…
Same project, Same track…

I have install and re-install.
Already re-scan all plugin on my logic.
Delete audio-unit-cache… Reboot…
but there is no way…

I have same issue, is any one can answer?