Tim Henson: Tennessee Whiskey

So I got the New Tim Henson plug in this morning and immediately all the ambient droning sounds i dream of where there. But the White amp was so clean and the option of having a boost instead of only a drive had me intrigued. I did my best to get a “Tennessee Whiskey” sound with my strat as I could. Played it side by side against Spotify and I must say its pretty dang good for the electric lead parts!

I have a strat with a rosewood tele neck I built. Loaded with '63 veneer board pickups from BKP. Using the middle pickup with the tone knob rolled back ~8 and the volume adjusted to max strum gain preference. MIDDLE PICKUP and strumming single notes near the bridge was the only way to achieve that thinner, mid range heavy jazzmaster tone Chris uses.

EDIT: Just used my offset tele with a Lollar Super-J in the neck and a Fender Custom Shop Nocaster in the bridge and it works possibly even better!!

Anyways, i know this community is probably mostly metal (don’t fret thats 90% of what I play lol) but this new Archetype has me inspired in so many more ways than just trying to rip or chug.

Let me know what you think!

TNWSKY-(STRAT)-M-T8_2.xml (6.9 KB)

EDIT: found out ch2 works WAY better (2 slightly dif EQ options)
TNWSKY-(STRAT)-M-T8_3.xml (6.9 KB)
TNWSKY-(STRAT)-M-T8_3.2.xml (6.9 KB)

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Heck yea man! I’m throwing this on now and check it out. I love me some Tennessee Whiskey!

Just added a second preset ( _3 ) for ch2 on the amp, works much better tbh!

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Sick! That last one was great too! I jammed for a good hour on it lol