The volume of all presets sometimes requires adjustment

After reducing all presets to the same volume and output level optimal for recording (I set about -12 dba), sometimes I still encounter the backing track playing louder or quieter than my presets. In the first case, when the backing track is loud, everything is simple - enough just turn down the volume of the track. In the second case it’s more difficult, the phonogram can be so quiet that even at maximum volume it will be drowned out by a guitar. In this case I need to turn down the volume of the presets, but I would like to do it all at once, then quickly return to the usual level again by turning one knob. And since in my case QC is the main sound card, I can’t do it with its physical volume knob, it will also decrease the volume of the phonogram. Therefore, the global effects section should be supplemented with the ability to adjust the volume of each stereo path and all stereo path at once. It is useful on this page to place and adjust the volume of sound from the computer, thus realizing a virtual mixer at the convergence point of all sounds.