The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

I’ve had a few days with my QC and there’s lots to like about it but unfortunately there’s a few things that just simply are not good, or as my title implies, ugly… and it’s these things that so far i’m not seeing much mentioned about, so maybe it’s just my experience but i’d be interested to hear of other’s experience.

Let’s start with THE GOOD:

1/ The UI is fantastic… between the touch screen and the rotary switches, it’s incredibly easy to use. It can be frustrating selecting some items at times in that the screen is not always responsive but in general, it’s great!
2/ The Whammy Module is as good as any and better than most… no discernible latency and barely any aliasing or artefacts… tracks beautifully… well done on that one.

1/ The Flanger block is possibly the worst i’ve ever encountered… I’ve tried all configurations of placement within the FX Chain, even tried parallel but even with the mix at 100% wet, the effect is not very pronounced… you have to crank the Feedback and Width to even begin to hear it well and it’s really limited… Best placement is in between the Amp and Cab but still pretty crap… I’d be interested in knowing if anyone else finds this to be the same…
2/ Amp Gain. The Gain control on most amps simply sucks! I’ve owned many real amps, SLO100, EVH, Plexi and many others and the Gain control on the Amp block does not roll off like a real amp does… in fact, to give an example, on the SLO, there is barely any discernible difference between 2 and 5… on a real SLO, rolling the Gain down can clean it up but the SLO Model just goes from full gain to limp wristed… there’s no natural roll-off… sorry Neural, but that needs some work, the interaction between the Master and the Gain is not right. I know you have the capability because the Nolly Plugin has more realistic gain and tone stack control.

1/ If the QC is powered off before the monitor, there is a massive ground loop! This concerns me if i ever need to reboot when live… it’s super loud, anyone else experiencing this? It doesn’t happen with any of my other pedals. also tonight my QC got caught in a “boot loop”… whilst powering down it would boot straight up again… if i pressed cancel from the shutdown screen it would bounce straight back to the shutdown screen. I had to pull the plug and do a hard reboot… this worries me a few days in… :grimacing:
2/ Loading IR’s, Presets and Captures is an incredibly convoluted process… i hope this gets streamlined… it’s definitely “Ugly” as it is…

That’s it for now, i’d be interested in any feedback or thoughts based on my experiences…



Yes, the ground loop during start or reboot is a ‘big’ problem.
Not sure it can be fixed by software (relay) ?

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I hear a pop on powering up and down if I forget to mute the mixer first. Is that what you mean?

Not a pop really… just a really loud ground hum (more of a roar than a hum :smirk:)
Typically i would never turn the monitor on before being fully booted but in a live scenario where occasionally you have to reboot this is going to be a MAJOR problem… sound guts are gonna be on a rampage!! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Sound guts? Lol. I don’t experience that with my setup. Trying going to the unit with a wireless guitar system and see if the problem persists. It’s what I use.

The Good : never played so good and dynamic amp models (tried everything but Axe3)

I also have the ground loop problem (see my thread titled “Hurray…”) and a few other ones. Support has replied (I just posted it as the currently last entry in the thread). Bottom line: It is not a bug, it’s a feature. There is no full cure, only a workaround.

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Definitely not a feature that I would want in a pedal :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

It’s REALLY loud.

If differs for me depending on the connection method. I get the pop as you’ve illustrated if i’m connected to my Plexi return via a standard guitar cable but if i’m running direct to my FRFR via an XLR i get a loud ground hum (but louder than your average ground loop :flushed:)…

hope that dude is alright. he snuffs like a retired dinosaur

Thanks for that, I guess all these are fixable and that hopefully Neural is monitoring this feedback.

Hmmm, I was wondering what the native Soldano would sound like in comparison with the excellent plug-in version… makes you wonder …

the dude is alright, a deviated septum is highly survivable. If I was you I would worry a lot less about other’s breathing and more about my manners.