Text Labels on Device Blocks in Grid

I find the purely graphical icons on grid to be frustratingly limited in conveying information.
Yes it’s a reverb but that’s all I know looking at the grid. Is it spring or hall?
Yes it’s a capture, but is it a pedal, an preamp, an amp, an amp + Cab, a pedal + amp + cab?

Particularly problematic when using factory or others presets.

Please allow for at least a small amount of text to overlay the block.

Couldn’t agree more!

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Agree, some form of short name to indicate the specific device would be helpful to be able to toggle on/off via settings. Again this requires that people making captures supply a short name of some kind (10-12 characters) that will be useful and there’s always a risk to that, but I almost feel like anything is better than nothing:

Another idea I love but trying to save votes. Might have to burn one though.

Do not save, give all the votes that you have. You can withdraw your vote from any idea of less priority at any time, and give it to a new one if it turns out to be more interesting for you.

That is what exactly what I have been doing.