Temporary scene change

The following function helped me a lot when I had the Helix Floor, I don’t remember what the function is called in Helix, but, you are in scene A, you press the switch to change to scene E, and to return to scene A, you go back to step on switch E.

I would like to see this too, and I think this would be considered a ‘secondary switch function’

There are a few requests here regarding this, and I’ve voted for all that could apply. The one that may best help is this one

If you have a vote left, you may want to vote there too.

I would vote for your request too, but I have no votes left for now :neutral_face:

If you have, or are willing to invest in, a MIDI controller (there are several reasons why you might still want one even if this feature is added to the QC) you can do this now. I made a video explaining how to configure “previous” scenes on a morningstar controller:

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