Is it possible to make a sustaining in QC.
I mean there would with a coupe of effects, but I don’t know how.
Has anyone tried?
Or should we make a wish to implement a sustainiac pedal to the QC crew?

Nothing quite like a sustainiac but the freeze function comes close.

I found this. It works perfekt.
Just lowered the whammy tone an octave!


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Interesting… I have a Sustainiac built into one of my guitars. I was going to suggest that it couldn’t be replicated in the QC because of the way that the Sustainiac itself works on the strings. I’ll check out this preset when I get a chance, though.

The builtin sustainiac is the bettet one! Lucky you!

Interesting, it’s similar to what I’ve been trying to build as a FreQout pedal emulation. Between that and an Ebow-type preset, I’ve been working on simulating that effect but so far have only been able to get about 75% there. It’s a tricky effect to nail.

About 75% of the way towards spending on a FreqOut. Would be so happy if this could be figured out on the QC. Keep us posted how you manage, man!

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I’ve got the results of the experimenting so far here:

Any tweaks or observations appreciated, maybe we can get it closer


Much appreciated, man! I’ll chime back in once I’ve had a tinker :pray:

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