Sunn O Model T Amp Sim

I love the QC because it is by miles the best simulator of high gain amps like EVH and Peavey. I won’t mention Orange amps (but, ya know!), because we need to have a sit down and talk about the black hole that is Sunn O amp sims.

Look, some of us doom metal lovers are feeling a bit left out. The Sunn O Model T is beautiful with or without hallucinogenics, and would add something unique to your - already legendary - sonic territory.

Hook me up, Doug!

I believe this page is still relevant, but I think the Model T is in the works at some point:

Right down at the bottom under “Announced devices that have not yet been released”.

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This makes me feel very strange, it’s as if the veil of living in a permanent state of existential crisis has been lifted … is this … is this what they call happiness?