Suggestion: More Clean to Edge of Breakup Options

I have been using the SLO100, Cali, and Amp 3 (Amp Snob) in the Wong plugin for the jazzier cleans that I use. I call it smokey cleans because there is just an every so small touch of overdrive in it that darkens it some. Definitely not squeaky cleans. Usually low watt amps do this wonderfully. One of the real world amps that I find does this wonderfully is the Swart AST Pro with the Celestion Gold speaker in it. I played one of these in a store a number of years back and I was just floored at how good it sounded. While the Quad Cortex (whenever the dealer gets enough in to get my name called) has the Deluxe Reverb in it that I am sure I can work with, I am hoping there will be more options to this end.

…and I would not complain one bit if there was a Swart AST Pro plugin with the Celestion Gold speaker that was supported by Swart himself. :slight_smile: Based on the quality of the plugins that I have gotten so far, this would likely be a sale to me almost instantly.