Sound difference: Reverb in the Loop of after the Quad Cortex

ello everyone, has anyone here had any experience with putting a reverb effect (Strymon BigSky) behind the quad cortex and going straight into the FoH from there? Is there a difference in the sound putting the BigSky in the FX loop (Last blog of the signal chain) of the Quad Cortex or sending the Signal from the quad cortex in the BigSky and then to the FoH? :blush:

First- the effects loop boosts the signal a little (crazy they haven’t fixed that). So you may notice that when the Strymon is engaged in the loop.

Second- you’ll get a slight latency of a couple ms when using an effects loop on the QC. Won’t be noticeable to the feel while playing.

Third- either method you mentioned will be fine sound wise. They’ll be slightly different sonically since the reverb will react a little different tonally if it’s before or after an IR/cab sim.

TLDR- You’ll most likely want to have the Strymon in the effects loop because you can just do XLR to FOH instead of needing a DI box from the Strymon.