Stereo/Mono switch for each pair of outputs

I would really appreciate having a stereo/mono switch or pan controls for each pair of outputs, in their global output windows. This would allow more send flexibility, depending on stage amplification needs, FOH feeds, etc.

I saw a Youtube video from the Rig Dr. ( Mason Marangella) and he was saying if you run mono, you’re better off using the left out put then summing to mono, which I believe is what a mono switch would do.

Interesting. I wonder why the left output, specifically. If you take only the left (or right) output, you are only getting one side of the stereo image so there is nothing to sum to mono. It doesn’t really matter with things like reverb but for stereo chorus, ping-pong delay or rotary (if it were usable), taking just one side is very different from summed mono. I’ll look for the video to get more info. Thanks for the reference.

FX like chorus, detune, flanger, have the left and right sides out of phase, when you sum them it blends the out of phase sides together and you get some cancelations.
I have an AX8 that has 2 mono modes, sum together and both outs get left side.
I hear a drastic difference between the two. The reverb and chorus sound terrible summed to mono. The delays are ok, but it sounds much better just using the left side.

Try this, plug in both outputs to the same guitar amp, then unplug the right side, you should hear the difference. Hope this helps.

Good points. I, also had been using an AX8 (great pedal except for programming with the onboard UI). I hadn’t noticed a problem with the reverb in mono. You’re right, some chorus and flanger blocks sounded bad in mono due to phase cancelation but I always chose and programmed them for mono and stereo so it wasn’t a problem. I used ping-pong delay occasionally but would loose one delay if I only used one output in stereo mode. You bring up some good considerations.

I checked a couple of the Rig Dr’s videos but didn’t find the section referring to his preference for using the left output. Was he speaking specifically about the QC? I don’t recall reading anything about that in the QC documents. Curious…

Here you go!!! DO NOT Sum Your Stereo Rig to Mono! (do this instead) - YouTube

This video appears to be addressing multiple stereo pedals on a pedalboard. Not sure it translates very easily to a digital modeler where various mono versions of pedals are available as well as the ability to place a mono block at the end of your signal chain. Because there is one brain controlling all the blocks, phase, left-right percentage blend, etc. on a modeler, there is at least the potential for optimal mono output. This video is definitely food for thought though.

I wish QC had just provided sum to mono as an option for the left 1/4" and XLR outputs. Much like this feature request is asking. To me that capability just provides a simple way to connect to a monitor and FOH.

If you’re using mono versions of the fx or a mono block at the end, then it doesn’t make any differencec which output you use, they will both be mono. I have an AX8 which allows both stereo and summed mono. I had the same results as in the video.

Interesting video. I guess it all comes down to how the QC’s stereo FX blocks were designed. If they included phase inversion as part of a particular effect then it could create phase anomalies but so would running a mono block after a stereo block (i.e. chorus-amp block). I switched between mono and stereo on my AX8 regularly and never noticed any comb filtering or effect nullification, maybe just because of the particular FX I used. They certainly didn’t sound as lush in mono but still sounded good. I don’t own a summing box but I may try running into a mixer and panning both channels to center. I probably won’t get a chance for a week or so. Here’s where some input from the folks at NDSP would be helpful. Concerning the good doctors “using just the left output” comment, judging by a statement at 7:20 in the video, I think he meant that as a “for instance” and only using the right output would yield the same results. It’s all speculation at this point.