Stereo to Mono, question and my latest solution

I often make stereo patches and like to play stereo (dual amps, dual delay etc…)
My earlier modellers (4) all had a Left/Mono output just in case stereo was not possible somewhere.
Worked quite well.
Haven’t found the optimal solution on the QC yet. Like an output that gives mono when only one cable is used or a global setting to get mono. May have overlooked a topic on the forums?

Of course I can put a mono-block at the end of each path and then go through all the setlist switching it on when only mono is possible, or change the outputs of all paths. Is there a way to route to mono globally?

Today I tried some different cables (Y-cable lead to cancelling as expected). In the end I found out that when I use a TRS-TRS cable from the headphone output to a mono input on my PA, and withdraw the cable just a little from the headphone output (it’s still safe in the output) I get a good mono sound without having to change anything in the QC or patches.

Other solutions (besides using extra equipment).

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following this. Going from stereo to mono always presents challenges. This could fall under a feature request as well. One thing I disliked on my kpa is that the headphones output didn’t let you switch to listening in L/mono. I was always wanting to hear how ambient effects would sound when just the L/mono was used. These days, though I usually have the ability to play in stereo, but would nice to have some sort of global summing option for the situations you describe.

I have a request in for this feature (Mono/stereo switch for each pair of outputs). I think the link below will get you there if you’d like to cast your vote.