Stereo/Mono switch for blocks

I’d like to have a mono or stereo option in just one block rather than having to change the block to stereo or mono whenever I need to. (For modulation, reverb and delays)

Say, when I put a delay in front of an amp, it automatically creates a mono block and when after amp/cab blocks as stereo blocks.

Why not just make a switch within one block to make it stereo or mono in one block.

I don’t get the idea of having seperate blocks for mono and stereo.

Be careful what you wish for. Mono blocks often use less DSP than stereo. I grant you that from a design perspective a single block with a mono/stereo switch seems like a more elegant solution, but only if switching to mono preserves the DSP as mono blocks tend to do. If you wish to retain the DSP savings of a mono block, having a switch also means having to calculate available DSP and greying out the mono/stereo switch if moving from mono to stereo would kick you over the available DSP limit.