Someone, please help me

I purchased a QC through an authorized dealer last June.
It will be the first lot individual.

However, recently, I’ve come to think, “Isn’t this a malfunction?”
It’s “why?” I watched other buyer’s review videos on YouTube.

It sounded completely different even though I was using the same factory preset.
Despite using the same humbucker guitar, the amount of gain is noticeably less. (Exactly the same settings as the EQ of the amplifier in the review video)

And I tried the preset and capture sounds, but they sounded very thin.
These were confirmed through headphones and monitor speakers. I can’t really feel the depth of the sound.
I also have a Kemper and it sounds much better than the QC.

I didn’t touch QC every day. I can’t tell if my QC’s sound has no depth or outline, and if it’s a thin sound, it’s normal or it’s malfunctioning.

I’m at my wits’ end. And I still keep paying for QC.

Hmm. I’m no expert but have you tried adjusting the input gain when you swipe down from the top of screen? That’s the one control that I’ve found can make all the difference. Maybe it’s set too low?

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The cab block, mics used and distance and or IR used makes a huge difference just like Kemper, Helix etc.
Once you have your settings tweaked for your environment, you will be able to match or come close to most tones but like anything, there are multiple variables between everyone’s setup using a multi-effect systems. Also make sure you have updated to the current CoreOS v 1.4.0 and if you are still unable to resolve your tone issues, email and give them the specifics for your setup.

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thank you for your reply.

Of course I also checked the INPUT level and impedance. For INPUT 1 LEVEL, we checked it in several steps from 10:00 to the maximum value, and for the impedance from 91 kΩ to the maximum value.

However, if you raise the INPUT LEVEL to a sound like the Les Paul in the video, the sound is completely squashed. Moreover, it sounds as if you are playing with the front PU even though you are playing with the rear PU.
No problem with the guitar.

thank you for your reply.

CoreOS version is up to date.

Hmm… yeah I’m not sure what else to do. Hopefully NDSP can trouble shoot with you

As @MP_Mod mentioned you’ll want to go to and they will be able to assist you. Thanks!

I contacted the support of the official import agency yesterday.

Should I also contact the neural dsp?

Yes please contact us at the address that we provided above