Soldano SLO-100 Presets Thread

It seems there isn’t an SLO-100 preset thread yet, so let this be it!

I’ll kick it off with something old-school (read: dad rock).

My preset naming convention is to give the preset a name—the song’s name, if it’s, ya know, named after a particular tune—then add ( L ) or ( R ) if it’s specific to the left- or right-channel guitar. In this case, if you hadn’t guessed, it’s the right-channel guitar (Angus) for AC/DC’s “Hells Bells.” For this preset, Overdrive-2 stays active; kick in Overdrive-1 when it’s time to impress them dames.

Hells Bells ®.xml (3.5 KB)


Here’s a few of my own I’ve made based on Metallica and Rammstein I’ve done.
Using some IR’s so hopefully will workBlackened.xml|attachment (3.7 KB) Kleen Black.xml (3.7 KB) Kleen One.xml (3.6 KB) Kleen.xml (3.7 KB) Pastor of Muppets.xml (3.7 KB) RZK Clean.xml (3.6 KB) RZK.xml (3.6 KB) Sandman.xml (3.7 KB)


That sounds good thank you :+1: