Soldano SLO-100, no presets with install

Hey everybody,

I’ve tried installing this plugin on two different PCs, and despite checking that the presets are definitely supposed to be installed, after I come back to the plugin, the only presets are “Default” and “Reset All Settings”.

Looking in C:\ProgramData\Neural DSP\Soldano SLO-100 I have one folder named ‘User’ and no ‘Factory’ or ‘Artist’ folders, on either computer. Repairing or reinstalling gives me the same result.
Anyone else have this problem?

I’ve actually experienced this before but it looks like my solution might not help- I installed everything EXCEPT the standalone .exe and all the presets were missing, then when I went back to install the standalone all the presets were there, including in the plugin of the SLO-100.

I would contact Neural directly at if you don’t find a solution

There was an issue with the old installer that caused this after selecting “Custom” in the installation process and choosing not to install the standalone format. It should be already fixed with the installer currently available in the download section on our website. Alternatively, you can use the same installer you have now, select “Complete”, and remove the components that you won’t use afterward.