Skipped The Trial

Just picked up a couple of the Archetype plugins (Gojira, Tim Henson), as well as the Parallax plugin.
I’m using a Behringer FCB1010 MIDI foot controller that’s been modded with a UNO chip.
Everything sounds great, and it was a cinch to set up.

My hat goes off to the dev team.
Thanks for making such excellent software!


I have that midi pedal without any mods. I got it almost 2 years ago. I either made it harder than it is or it is actually just difficult to setup. Either way, I got it to use with the GOJIRA plug-in. I saw Ola Englund use a expression pedal on the plug-in and it sounded like a whammy pedal. I got frustrated and put it back in the box and shoved it in the closet.
Any cliff notes for dummies on that pedal and using it with Neural plugins?

Not going to lie, that pedal is not simple out of the box.
The beauty of it is in its flexibility though, and that inherently makes it complex.
There is software you can use to make programming it a bit easier though

IIRC, that pedal (unmodded) sends program change messages typically when you stomp one of its switches. I’m no midi genius, so I could be wrong with my understanding, but I came to the conclusion that those program change messages were really only good for changing patches/presets. Doing this kind of thing is a bit problematic to me for musical performance because of the way new patches get loaded. I think any existing patches get removed first, then it has to load up new ones. This means there will be an interruption in your sound.

If you install the Uno chip in it though, then 5 of those stomp switches can become more like a stompbox toggle. You pick the CC# (EX 102), and you tell it what value to send for CC102 when the stompbox is off (0), and what value to send when it’s on (127). The light beside that stompbox pedal will actually toggle on and off to give you visual feedback too.

So, to keep things musical, I’ll typically load up the gojira plugin with a preset I like, and bind the Gojira plugin’s effects (ex Delay activate) to one of my stompbox switches via MIDI listen. While MIDI listening, you’ll have to stomp twice. I think that teaches it both the on and off.

I can confirm that the WOW/whammy expression works rather nicely BTW

So awesome of you to take the time to reply. I will have to mess with it again soon!

No problemo. Feel free to ask away if it’s still giving you a rough time