Short description of the virtual devices

Saw a cheaper/smaller entry level multieffect device that had a short written description/presentation of the individual virtual devices. It’s obviously to help noobs (like me) select and I recognize that a lot of QC users, at least in here, have some perspective beyond that :thinking:. It’s also educational though. It’s not crucial at this stage, but as a wider range of people get into it, who knows? Actually think that Doug should present them all individually in pop-up vidz :rofl:
Maybe as a special feature on the app (which I don’t use) or the desktop version? :octopus:

Have you seen the unofficial Virtual Device List hosted in the Facebook Group?
It details the real-world counterparts of most of the gear included in the QC.
That’s probably as close as we’re going to get.

Not sure if you can link files here, so here is where the PDF is found (version 4.1):

Hi again @xush, thanx again, but fb is not my kinda thing. :innocent:


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