Setting output level …

Hi everyone ,
I m using my QC with two Fr/Fr so , a Nice stéréo set up.
I was wondering how people usually set their output level Knob .
Do you push thé QC or thé level of your monitors …

I keep the output attenuator at 100% and control the level at the input of my Powercab. That gives the best signal-to-noise ratio and gives a consistent output level to FOH.

Thanks for your answer …!!!

What Jamsden has said is the optimal way of doing things from a signal-to-noise ratio perspective; however, I’d recommend setting & leaving your speakers at a sensible level & then tweaking using the large knob on the QC as needed from there.

I say this for a number of reasons…

Firstly, FRFR speakers tend to have small level knobs on the back of them & it can be a pain to get to them in the heat of the moment. Secondly, you’re running two speakers (for stereo purposes I’d imagine - that’s what I’m doing too) & getting the balance right between them can be difficult if you’re continually fiddling with the level on the speakers themselves. Thirdly, with FRFR speakers you don’t want to push them too hard as they can start to clip, they usually have an indent central on the level knob & this is the optimal way to run them. Finally, I’ve found that controlling the overall volume from the big knob on the QC doesn’t really add any noticeable noise when you have your input level set correctly.

If you ask me, this is an instance where usability needs to be considered & there’s too many drawbacks in that regard if coming at it strictly from the technical signal-to-noise ratio perspective (I’d be saying a different thing if you were running a mono setup with a speaker that has an easily accessible level knob & an easily viewable clipping indicator though …which is the case for Jamsden with his Powercab I do believe :wink:).

I leave my QC large knob around 80, which leave me some wiggle room. I don’t want to reach to the speakers or power amp to change the volume a hair.

Thanks for your answer , it s good idea to keep a little amount of power in case ……

Of course. That’s what works for me. Most people on here seem to keep it at 100, so whatever works.

If it doesn t affect thé sound , thé quality of thé signal ,
Your solution seeems better to me ….