Setlists - need the ability to drag and drop files

Hello @Doug and fellow Cortex users,

I’m new here and this is my first post. I have a Quad Cortex and like it very much. I have had all the other modelers 3 Kempers, 2 AxeFx, Helix, Pods, Headrush probably more. This unit has a great start in comparison. But this unit does have needs and the one the that sticks out to me is “file management”.

Setlists on the Cortex needs the ability to drag and drop files to other setlists. Since I’m not playing live right now, I’m renaming setlist folders to to things like - Pedals, Guitar Amps, Bass Amps, Mic PreAmps stuff like that. Subfolders would be great to have also. Ability to drag and drop into those folders would be great. I was also thinking the Cortex App could do the same thing. Folders for uploading captures like Guitar Amps, Bass Amps, Guitar Pedals, Bass Pedals, Vocals. Subfolders could also be nice like “Heads”, “Combos” , “Preamps". This would simplify things a lot when you want to search for something and not have to wade through title after title not knowing what they are. This way if you search in the “Bass Pedals” folder you will know the file “Wonkey” is a bass pedal.

Anyway, I really like the QC and look forward to the future of it.


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Tap and hold a preset.
Than switch it to another directory (setlist) while holding.

You are right, there is a lot to do to organize things

Yes, this works, but try it with a capture. I want to drag pedal captures to my pedal folder and amp captures to my amp folder, bass stuff to my bass folder, and so on.