Selectable Outputs to headphones

I am using the QC in a context where I send Stereo out (Out 1&2) to the board and one mono line (Out3) to a poweramp with guitar cab (Page 52 Usermanual 1.0.2).
The issue arises when you listen to these presets with headphones. you will then hear a combined signal of Out1,2&3. Which obviously sounds like a jar of bees because Out3 has no cab IR.
Can you somehow select which outputs will hit the headphones out?

Have you looked at the headphone mixer? Swipe down to get the output page and “click” on the headphone output. Active outputs have their own level knob.


Thanks @hasse_fx ! Output level to Out3 shows when it is active. I have been on that page, but in a preset with only Out1&2 active.
It is even better… Once set, the setting is globaal. No readjusting all presets :grin:

Great idea. I run an out to monitors and one to an amp. Would like the headphones to listen in on the monitors path and not also the path to the amp.