Second hand QC

Hello, I am thinking of getting a second hand unit and I wonder if it would be a problem to create an account for me and link the unit to it or I need to take the account of the previous user as I would ideally like to have my own account

I don’t remember there being any proof of ownership to create an account. Sign up for an account at first. Then you should be able to link it to the unit when you get it.

There may be an issue with more than one account linked to the same physical device. The previous owner may need to unlink the device from their account.

The seller should have factory-reset their device before selling, but if not, you can do a factory-reset yourself and be back to square one.

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thanks guys, I will just do a factory reset and that should work.
Appreciate it

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@rdavles81 - If you run into any issues please contact and they can troubleshoot. You’ll be taken care of whether it’s second hand or new :slightly_smiling_face: