Scrolling in Directory View

While having the 32 buttons to jump around Directory View is handy, for browsing the contents it would be useful to be able to scroll so instead of replacing the contents, it’s more like paging down a long list so the behavior of the buttons would be more like bookmarks to a page on the preset / capture list.

I’d like to add to this that it would be handy to be able to scroll via encoder for finer preset demoing control.

In the very least, I’d like to be able to name those 32 buttons. Using a number as the label for a hierarchy is so 1990 8 segment led style

You might feel differently as your eyes get older. The font is small enough with just two digits in the box. :wink:

I am 55. Glasses solve that problem. but yes, the UX would have to change. thats why the UX gods made tree views and scrolling