Scene secondary state

I would love to see a secondary scene state for each scene within a preset. If you were on a scene, press that same scene foot switch and change whatever parameters you want for a “secondary state”. Press again to return to original scene state. You could potentially change the color of the LED to another color signaling the “secondary state”.

Yes, I was looking for this before requesting. This would allow you to have 16 scenes in Scene mode and 8 in Hybrid mode!

If this is too complicated, in the meantime maybe they could change Hybrid mode so you could access the other row in this same way, toggling with the same switch. E.g. switch E toggles scene E and A, switch F toggles scene F and B, etc…

That would not require to double the amount of scenes per preset (if that is a bottleneck or difficulty here) and give a similar functionality in Hybrid mode.

But anyway, I agree with the OP, the secondary scene is the best solution here

This would be cool. I’d be happy to see this implemented for stomps in hybrid mode.

I typically don’t need more than 4 scenes per song. But would be nice to get 4 additional stomp switches to access in hybrid mode for some one-off delays, reverbs or drives.