Hybrid mode / Stomp Row Cycling

Hi Everyone,

Im about to head out on the road and one thing that dawned on me as useful would be specifically related to the new hybrid mode.

The limiting factor for me is that i only have access to 4 stomps and really i want access to at least six of them, with the the 4 scenes below that switch my amps and cabs + change delay and rvb parameters per scene as usual staying in place. (clean/rhythm/crunch/lead)

The idea would be that when you step on a scence button for a second time (currently does nothing) you would toggle the hidden row of stomps (on the row where your scenes are) onto the current visable row of stomps and hidding the default row. Press on the scene button again and they swap back into view. Essentially just swapping the stomps upper and lower row with each press of the same scene

This way i could have my drive stomps on the top row and my FX on the lower row and just toggle them into view as needed when pressing the same scene button again…


Multiple similar requests already exist. Pick your flavor.

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yeah i did see those, i just thought this was a little more condensed in operation with the easiest solution being to hit the scene youre already on a second time (especially as it has no function already) instead of having to move your foot over to another part of the board.

just my two cents! :slight_smile: